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How Do CPAs Help with Cash Flow Management?

Posted on October 18th, 2017

Our team at TBS Tax helps businesses with all aspects of their accounting functions, including tracking the influx and outflow of money used for daily operations. Cash flow may seem like a function best left to managers, but our accounting firm can thoroughly assist you throughout this function. In fact, having an outside firm advise you on cash flow management can be more beneficial than it may seem.

Small Business Management Decisions

Cash flow is important for businesses of any size, but small and newer companies will have their decisions more closely tied to the inflow and outflow of money than larger companies will. Using an accounting firm for cash flow management support limits the impact a high-expenditure, low-income day has on your small company’s future.

Part of this problem is that small business owners often try to decipher a balance sheet or their QuickBooks accounts without assistance, creating an inaccurate view of cash flow. Instead, they should have an accounting firm more carefully track the daily flow of operational cash and examine bookkeeping documents for them. The information given by accountants is easier to digest, giving business owners a better picture of which decisions have to be made.

Property Consideration

Because cash flow refers to the money available to spend for daily business operation, many people associate it solely with liquid assets. However, permanent assets—that is, your business property—can influence the money available on a day-to-day basis. Certain assets require continued monetary investment, limiting the cash you can afford to spend in a day.

The financial expertise of an accounting firm includes knowledge of the relationship between cash flow and property. We can help you limit your expenditures and keep enough money on hand to pay this investment.

Account Balancing

One of the best ways to improve your cash flow is to get a better grip on your accounts receivables and accounts payables. An accounting firm that runs your cash flow management is able to streamline your payment collections process to best use available cash. They also seek ways to minimize the outflow, from searching for better deals on subscription services to credit card balance improvement.

Contact Us for Cash Flow Management Support

TBS Tax provides cash flow management support to Burke, Springfield, Fairfax, and all nearby communities. We help our clients overcome each challenge presented by poor flow of cash through the company.  For more information about how we improve our clients’ regular business operations, call us and schedule your consultation today!

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